MiniClima Constant Humidity Equipment Devices maintain the relative air humidity within museum display cases, collection storage units or other closed environments at a constant level without influencing the temperature of the conditioned air. The current series of uses two different technologies for the control of the air humidity: Types EBC10, EBC11 and EBC12 work with condensation/evaporation but, our latest model, EBCeasy1, transports hydrogen ions through a special membrane, exchanging them with the environment. This method requires no water supply and does't produce waste water which is ideal for hard to service situations.


The Concept




EBCeasy (max volume 0.5 cubic meters)
EBC10 (max volume 3 cubic meters)
EBC11 (max volume 5 cubic meters)
EBC12 (max volume 10 cubic meters)

Standard Configurations
• Master Sets: RH/T sensor, ready-to-use with housing, cable (2.5 or 5m), ferrite core and RJ45 plug
• Slave Sets: control line (2 or 5m) with ferrite cores and RJ45 plugs for linking the EBC to a master set
• Mains cable (1.8m, Type F, CEE 7/7) with 3-pin connector and grounded main plug
• Appropriate PA6-hosepipe („UFX“) for the interconnections between EBC and case (EBCeasy: 2m / EBC10: 3m / EBC11: 5m / EBC12: 6m)
• 2 hosepipe connectors with rubber gaskets for affixing the UFX on the case
• 0.5l bottle (EBC10/11), 2.0l bottle (EBC12)
• Water level alarm for the high mark of the bottle (EBC10, EBC11, EBC12)
• Built-in datalogger
• miniClima Tool (Software) on CD (1 per order)
• Detailed installation and operation guide on CD (1 per order)

Mains Connection (6)
90-264 VAC / 47-440 Hz

System Voltage
12 VDC

Power Consumption
max. 65 W

Housing Material
coated steel sheet, 1.5 mm

Housing Colour
pigeon-blue (RAL 5014)