Signage & Display

Messaging, branding, way-finding are key considerations when outfitting successful public spaces. Sophisticated and well conceived signage & display products can complement aesthetic objectives while promoting an institution's image. We offer a variety of practical display solutions that address both permanent and temporary signage requirements.



FSS Footprint

FSS Footprint freestanding sign system is an iconic freestanding display designed for use in high traffic public environments.  The distinctive extruded aluminium base is available in two styles and hinges to hold various graphic substrates as well as sandwiched tempered glass panels.  


Floor Signs

Our stand alone floor signs are the perfect complement to our other gallery accessories and are ideally suited for displaying for visitor information, exhibit text or general wayfinding. 

Frameless Label Holders

This simple yet elegant label holder was developed in part for a London museum and offers a fresh alternative to more conventional framed varieties. The thick acrylic faceplate is notched...



Gallery Poster Display

Introducing GALLERY, the newest member of our poster display lineup! Standard in “A” sizes (portrait or landscape), GALLERY is a frameless wall mount display cabinet featuring hinged...

Vertico Poster Display

Vertico is a frameless display case with an edge-to-edge glass face with radiused corners. Vertico has a unique sash-like proprietary opening mechanism facilitating the convenient display...

DSS 2.0

DSS is a display case that is suitable for internal and external applications to display posters, transparencies or temporary notices. Available in backlit and non-illuminated models, its...


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