Exhibit Furnishings

Archival or museum-quality exhibit furnishings are designed to meet specific technical goals and expectations for the display and safekeeping of sensitive artwork, artifacts or other primary source materials. We offer a manufactured product, not fabricated, incorporating proven methods, hardware and materials.  All archival casework is engineered and manufactured by Glasbau REIER of Lauta, Germany.


Pedestal Cases

The pedestal case is typically compact in proportion and features a frameless, 5-sided glass vitrine fixed atop a column-like base.  Ideal for displaying smaller sculptural or 3-dimensional objects.

Table cases

Table cases also known as library cases are typically used to display books, documents or works on paper. A low, five-sided glass top encloses a horizontal deck and is supported by a table (or pedestal) base.  

Freestanding Cases

These are the hardest working display cases in any gallery environment.   Offering 4-viewing sides, a freestanding case offers unobstructed visibility, environmental control and curatorial access for showcasing any type of object, large or small.

Wall Cases

Wall cases are typically placed against, mounted on or recessed within an interior wall.  Continuous wall cases provide unimpeded views along with increased environmental and convenient access.

Specta KD

KD is a modular case system that can be configured to accommodate most exhibit requirements. Archival quality includes UV glazing, LED lighting & desiccant storage -- standard.   Two sizes (600x600 & 1200x600) stocked for QUICK SHIP!


Specta KLR

KLR offers sophisticated museum quality features in a glazing solution ideal for exhibit builders, millwork contractors and other fabricators building casework to spec.  Specta KLR panels can be specified in both fixed and operable configurations.


Custom Cases

Custom cases are available for all those situations where an object or project requirements dictate. Where possible, standard details and hardware solutions are applied in the case design in...


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