Specta KLR


Specta KLR is a manufactured glazing system designed specifically for fabricated display case enclosures and architectural applications requiring a continuous, horizontal viewing surface.  Ideal for displays in any high traffic environment: airports, hospitals, school, public buildings, arenas/convention center and, of course, museums.


For architectural applications requiring a continuous glazed viewing surface. Features full visibility, archival construction with clear white laminated glass (safety glass/UV filtering); glass edges are precision ground.

Glass is permanently fixed to the front face of an aluminum rail and back painted for a sleek, frameless opening. An inert gasket separates glass panels for increased dust resistance and environmental control.  Operable glass panels are equipped with a specially designed hinge that once unlocked,  allows the operable panel to rotate out and away from the display space a full 90 degrees for convenient access.

Extruded aluminum sections; clear white laminated glass, silicone seals or gaskets and steel fasteners.

Clear white laminated glass - UV protecting/safety glass (standard); non-reflective glass (optional)

Hinged door for full & convenient access (standard).

Lacquer paint finish (standard), RAL color selection.

High-quality lock, two keys. Keyed alike or individually.

Sized per request