36" Stanchion


When you need to put a little more distance between the object and the visitor, our 36" stanchion is the ideal solution.  This taller barrier works best in high traffic areas such as corridors or lobbies where the 16" stanchion would not have as much visual impact.


Stainless blade fixed to the bottom of the 36″ tubular steel upright allows flexibility in setting the height of the barrier installation. Two-part threaded cap fixes the elastic cord in place between barriers. Space individual barriers no more than 6 to 8 feet apart.  Movable, flexible and ideal for al fresco dining areas or anywhere hardscape is available.

Height is approximately 36″ overall though the height of the visible barrier above the ground line can be variable depending on the application; diameter of the steel upright is .75″.

Powder coat pewter finish.  Custom color options are available.